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Defective product claims Solicitor

It’s reasonable to expect that the products we use in our daily lives are safe. It’s also reasonable to assume that these products should not cause us personal injuries.

This is not always the case as there are many defective product claims pursued every year, because of injuries suffered whilst using a defective product. Lawyers at The Accident Team are experts in consumer law, and, in particular, the law relating to defective product claims.

If you have been injured or adversely affected by a defective product and you need to make a no win, no fee* claim for compensation, we can help you.

If your accident occurred as result of using a defective product you may be entitled to claim compensation against the manufacturer of the defective product or the store you bought the item from. Examples of defective products could be a saucepan where the handle broke off as you carried it from say the hob to the kitchen sink, causing boiling hot water to spill out  onto your abdomen and legs. Or, an item of furniture which broke as you sat down on it causing you to suffer an injury to your back.

Items of food, which you have purchased, which are then found to be unfit for consumption or unsafe if eaten, may also be regarded as defective. If you suffer an injury such as food poisoning because of this, you may be entitled to make a defective product compensation claim.

Making defective product claims with our solicitors
If you’ve suffered a personal injury because of a defective product then you should talk to our personal injury specialists, here at The Accident Team. We cover England and Wales, operating in such locations as Manchester, Doncaster, London and Sheffield and are here to help you.

People we help
For more details on the kind of people who have made successful personal injury claims with our solicitor firms, here are some case studies:

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If you would like to talk to one of the solicitors here at The Accident Team about making a defective product claim, just call us on 0800 999 3738 for landlines, or 0330 999 0031 for mobiles.

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