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Shop accident claims Solicitor

Shop accidents happen and here at The Accident Team, our job is to help victims who have been injured in shop accidents.

In an ideal world, if people acted in a more considerate way towards others, for example cleaning up spillages on the shop floor when they happen, the chances are that this would reduce the number of shop accidents and therefore the need for people to make shop accident claims.

For example if a customer accidentally knocked a bottle of cooking oil off the shelf and it spilt out onto the sales floor, if it is not cleaned up quickly, another customer or a member of staff could slip on it leading to a possible personal injury. No one was really to blame here were they?…

What if, the shop accident with the cooking oil involved one of your relatives, and they fell badly breaking their arm? If you thought that the shop owner was responsible for not reacting quickly enough in cleaning up the spillage, you would probably be right.

Everyday shop accident claims
By far the most frequent type of shop accidents are those involving slippery or wet floors. Victims of these types of accidents pursue shop injury claims because they may well have slipped or fallen badly onto a hard surface resulting in often quite nasty injuries.

In more serious types of shop accidents, heavy plate glass shelving or windows have collapsed injuring shoppers in the process. If you have been involved in a shop accident which was not your fault, it is likely that if you made a claim, it would be successful.

Circumstances which lead to shop accidents

  • Tripping over cartons or packaging left on the sales floor
  • Slipping on spillages of oil or food that has not been cleaned up
  • Struck by an item of shop fitting or display which may have fallen
  • Hit by moving equipment such as a pallet truck or vehicle

As part of a consortium of leading personal injury law firms, The Accident Team understands how important it is to get it right for you. No matter how big the shop or store is, our specialists make it possible for victims of shop accidents to make successful shop accident claims and all on a no win, no fee* basis. which means you have absolutely nothing to lose.

At The Accident Team, our personal injury lawyers are experts in personal injury law and have helped hundreds of shop accident victims make successful shop accident claims. If you find yourself the victim of a shop accident, whether slipping in a corner shop in Sheffield or in a department store in Manchester or Doncaster, you have come to the right place if you need to make a shop accident claim.

People we help
For more details on the kind of people who have made successful shop accident claims with our solicitor firms, here are some case studies:

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If you prefer, you can use our claims form and we will call you back at a time that is convenient to you.

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