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Accident at Silverstone race circuit

Claim type: Occupiers’ liability
Location: Silverstone Race Circuit, Towcester, Northamptonshire
Accident type: Slip, leg injury
Accident claim value awarded: £96,000

A trip to Silverstone Race Circuit is meant to be a memorable experience, and for David Murphy it certainly was …. but for all the wrong reasons.

David had driven the 242 mile round trip to watch the British Formula 1 practice and qualifying race. He had been looking forward to this for some time – the weather was unsettled, but it was going to be a great weekend. David was really keen to see which of the world’s leading F1 drivers had the passion and conviction to take the lead. Lewis Hamilton was impressive on a damp track but Fernando Alonso was on great form and was sure to cash in on any pit stop problems the other drivers had.

Silverstone was looking pretty impressive – there had been a lot of renovation work carried out on the race track recently and it certainly made a difference.

David set off to get in place for the start. As he headed over to his reserved seating in the International Pit, from where he would get an incredible view, he didn’t notice some wood that must been left lying around after the renovation work. As he stepped onto it his foot slid along the wet wood and then suddenly jarred and as it came to an abrupt halt, he felt something ‘snap’ in his ankle.

David dropped to the ground in agony and his shocked friend raced to get help from a nearby St John’s Ambulance station. The paramedic put David’s leg in a splint and the injured race fan was taken by ambulance to the Silverstone Medical Centre.

David’s leg was x-rayed and put in a back slab. The x-ray confirmed what David already feared – he had broken something – both the tibia and fibula had fractured at the ankle joint. Staff at the medical centre quickly transferred David to Northampton Hospital, where he was admitted to a ward.

The following day, David was transferred to hospital closer to his home in Barnsley, where staff manipulated the ankle to try to improve its positioning, before carrying out surgery that left him with a plate and a pin in his ankle.

David cringed at the cost of his lost weekend. The tickets hadn’t come cheaply and he’d paid out for camping, barbeque equipment, car parking and stocked up on groceries. He’d also got in a few bottles of wine and champagne expecting to be toasting some excellent results.

It was going to be several months before David could begin to put any weight on his foot again and regaining full mobility was going to be a long process.

The financial costs of the accident itself were now starting to mount up. There had been the cost of recovering David’s abandoned car from the race track car park, on top of which, there was the cost of physiotherapy, prescriptions and transport to and from appointments as well as his loss of earnings.

Besides the immediate financial losses, a major concern for David was the future of his business; it was a new venture and he was trying to build up a solid customer base. There’s never a good time to be injured, but being laid-up was definitely something he could have done without right now.

David spoke to lawyers at The Accident Team who agreed to handle the claim on a no win, no fee basis and was delighted when they recovered £96,000 in damages.

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Please note: Names have been changed to protect our client’s privacy. All other details are based on a real event.

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