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Dog bite claim

Claim type: Employers’ liability
Location: Todmorden, West Yorkshire
Accident type: Dog bite
Accident claim value awarded: £9,000+

Sally Jackson works in customer liaison and part of her job involves visiting people at home to give them advice and information. If no one is at home, she posts a leaflet through the letterbox.

Until recently, the leaflets had been put inside large envelopes before being posted, but that practice had now stopped.

On the day of the incident, Sally was visiting customers and delivering leaflets as usual.

She arrived at a house where she got no response from knocking on the door. There was a ‘Beware of the Dog’ notice but she couldn’t hear any barking or any other sounds that would mean a dog was nearby.

Sally attempted to post a leaflet through the letterbox. The thin leaflet was tricky to get through, so she put her hand inside the letterbox to push the leaflet all the way through. .

As she did she felt a dog grab the leaflet and her hand, biting into several of her fingers. She managed to pull her hand back through the letterbox. The dog by this time was growling.

At the start of her employment, Sally had been given a guide to lone working, but nothing else, there had been no formal training and no information about safety aspects of the job.

Sally received hospital treatment for a number of deep cuts and an ultrasound scan confirmed nerve and tendon damage. The specialist arranged for physiotherapy on a weekly basis, which continued for several months after the incident.

The bites left Sally with frequent pain and discomfort which was aggravated by cold weather. Basic things like peeling potatoes, writing and putting on the handbrake were a struggle. She was also self-conscious about the scars and often her fingers would become swollen throughout the day.

Sally saw a TV advert for a personal injury law firm and decided to contact them. She explained what had happened but they told her that she didn’t have a case.

A short while later, a friend told her about The Accident Team and said that he had used them and had been very happy with the outcome. Sally thought it was worth a quick phone call – they could only say no!

The Accident Team listened to Sally and agreed to take on her case on a no win, no fee* basis and after some negotiations, an out of court settlement of over £9,000 was agreed.

If you have had a similar experience to Sally contact our specialist Dog Bite Team on Freephone 0800 999 3738 for landlines, or  0330 999 0031 for mobiles, or text ‘CLAIM’ to 78866 and speak to one of our experts.

Please note: Names have been changed to protect our client’s privacy. All other details are based on a real event.

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