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Driver suffers chemical injury from ingested fuel

Claim type: Occupiers’ liability
Location: Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Accident type: Chemical injury
Accident claim value awarded: £12,500

Annette Holt decided to refuel her car on her way into work one evening. She popped into a Doncaster petrol station, expecting the task to take only a few minutes of her time. As she pulled into the station, she was quite surprised at how busy it was. All the pumps were full and several cars were queuing for each pump.

She decided not to wait for a pump with the hose on the right side for her car, but instead pulled up to one that had a longer hose to allow filling from either side of the vehicle. The car in front of hers was parked quite far back, meaning that Annette had to hoist the fuel pump over the roof of her car to reach the petrol cap.

The hose was really heavy and as she tugged it across the roof, she accidentally pulled the trigger, showering herself in fuel. Her hair and clothing were drenched. She also ingested the fuel and suffered injury.

Annette was not offered access to washing facilities and no first aid or advice was provided by the petrol station staff. The exposure to this chemical and failure to provide appropriate first aid treatment resulted in irritation of oral tissue and mild dermatitis. The incident also aggravated a pre-existing medical condition.

The petrol station argued that Annette had pulled the trigger herself and therefore was partly to blame. Annette maintained that the operator must have activated the pump too early.

After contacting lawyers for The Accident Team, Annette finally received £12,500 after a deduction to reflect contributory negligence.

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Please note: Names have been changed to protect our client’s privacy. All other details are based on a real event.

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