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Woman awarded £3,000 in beauty salon injury claim

Claim type: Occupiers’ liability
Location: Better Brows Walk In Service, Peterborough
Accident type: Incorrect application and removal of false eyelashes
Accident claim value awarded: £3,000

As many young women do, Tracey Dinnis of Peterborough decided to treat herself to a visit to a beauty salon to have some false eyelashes applied.

She went to Better Brows Walk In Service, also in Peterborough, and was looking forward to the treatment, but all did not go quite as Tracey had expected.

Better Brows allocated a therapist to Tracey, and whilst the therapist did not feel very well and was shaking, she continued with the treatment.

She did not, however, carry out a patch test before she applied the eyelashes.

The treatment wasn’t really that pleasant as the therapist put glue straight onto Tracey’s eyes and used too much glue on the eyelashes themselves. When Tracey went home she noticed the lumps of glue on her eyelashes and her eyes began to itch.

Tracey returned to the salon just 2 days later to get the eyelashes removed. The therapist on this occasion used a solvent to try to remove the eyelashes, but they would not come off due to the amount of glue on them. She then tried to cut them off but thankfully Tracey managed to stop her before she attempted to so.

During this process the therapist bruised Tracey’s eye. As the removal of the lashes was not successful, the beautician then gave Tracey some solvent to take home to try and remove the eyelashes herself. When Tracey did this, not only did the false lashes fall out but also her own. Tracey had not been given any instructions on how to use the solvent at home.

Needless to say, the whole experience was painful and distressing, and knocked Tracey’s confidence.

Places such as beauty salons, brow bars and hairdressers etc., owe a duty of care to their clients and on this occasion the salon breached that duty. Tracey contacted lawyers for The Accident Team who agreed to handle the case on a no win, no fee basis who were able to secure compensation of £3,000 for her.

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