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Workplace prank leads to serious leg injury

Claim type: Employer’s liability
Location: Sheffield
Accident type: Industrial accident/leg injury
Accident claim value: £17,500

Mr Jewson worked for a civil engineering company as a joiner, and on the day of his accident had been laying concrete on a job in Sheffield.  At the end of the day, he went to use the hosepipe to clean his tools.  A work mate was cleaning his digger (and spraying another colleague) with the hose and so when he had finished, Mr Jewson, who was wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) – wellies, hard hat, gloves and high vis vest – picked up the hose, and facing the wall, started to wash off his shovel, which was leaning up against the wall.  Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw one of the two work mates run behind him and heard the digger rev up.  He looked down, just in time to see the digger bucket hit his left calf.  He tried to hold himself up, but crumpled.  A friend laid him on the floor and an ambulance was called.  He couldn’t move.

The digger had grazed his calf, which had swelled up immediately.  He was given gas and air by the ambulance crew to help with the pain and was taken to hospital, where he stayed overnight.  X-rays showed that nothing was broken, but the hospital thought he might have compartment syndrome (internal bleeding), and he had suffered muscle damage and crushed nerves in his calf.

After leaving the hospital the next day, Mr Jewson spent a few very painful days in bed, followed by weeks off work.  His leg was still swollen and painful after three weeks.   Fluid was drained from his calf and he was prescribed penicillin for the infection, but an allergic reaction to the drug  saw him back in hospital.  A month after the accident, things appeared to be looking up and Mr Jewson was able to walk better, but two weeks later things took a turn for the worse and he was given more antibiotics.  After two months Mr Jewson was in so much pain – his leg had ballooned – that he had to go back to hospital, where he was diagnosed with cellulitis and kept on a drip for a week.  The accident left Mr Jewson in a lot of pain, for a long time, and with a 7-8 cm wound, which had to be treated daily.

Investigations by his employer found that his accident had been caused by colleagues who were messing about.  As it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of its staff, it was responsible for the accident.  Employers hold insurance to cover eventualities such as this and lawyers for The Accident Team were able to secure a settlement of £17,500 for Mr Jewson.

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Please note: Names have been changed to protect our client’s privacy. All other details are based on a real event.

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